Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Around Portsmouth

Portsmouth, NH, is just over the border from Kittery, Maine. It's a small town, but we love it so, and continue to return there just about every year.

When we got into town, there was a bicycle rice going on. Some of the streets were blocked off but it wasn't too hectic.

I liked this old sign, which seems to be cut off. (Steps away was a store selling delicious ice cream.)

One of my favorite things to do in Portsmouth is to walk to Pierce Island, where there seems to be a large groundhog population. Last time we went we saw lots of them, but this time there was only one. But he was kind of a friendly guy, and didn't mind us getting close enough to snap some photos.

At this point Dave bought saw there was an update from Hipstamatic with new film, so he bought it and tried it out. I like the bits of pink creeping in around the edges. It feels a bit hallucinatory. (That, by the way, is one of the bridges into Kittery.)

Walking back along the footpath from the island to the main land.

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