Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leaving Maine

We started and ended the Portland component of our vacation at a beach. On the way out of town we had a delicious breakfast at Scratch Baking Company in South Portland, and then walked around Crescent Beach for about an hour.

Seaweed elegantly streaked across the sand.

Puppies were frolicking, even if it was a little cold.

Told you there'd be more rocks.

I couldn't tell if it was man-made or occurring naturally, but there was a crazy stream in the middle of the beach, winding its way around,

and emptying out into the ocean.

Further down the beach were (yes) more rocks. This boy's mother was calling to him. I think he was carrying a buoy.

Shells and seaweed collected in the water pooled between some of the larger rocks.

Dave took a couple of nice shots of this part of the beach too. (Not that he didn't take some nice ones of the rest of the beach as well.)

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