Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sculpture in Queens

Saturday we went on a little cross-borough adventure, starting in the Bronx (obviously), moving on to Brooklyn to buy a plant and have some lunch, and then on to Queens to check out the Noguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park. (There was also an unscheduled detour that I'll get into tomorrow, and then another jaunt into Brooklyn for dinner.)

In the outdoor garden at the Noguchi museum, which is filled with his sculptures. Noguchi was a sculptor, designer, and landscape architect. He designed a very nice coffee table that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on, and if it weren't for Robert Moses he might have designed a number of New York City parks that, from looking at the plans, seem like they might've been a lot of fun--one of them was to be called "Play Mountain."

This might have been one of the coolest ones.

Part of the interior of the building is open, with trees growing up from inside and poking out.

We'd already been to the sculpture park, which is more or less across the street from the museum, but thought we'd check it out again. Most of the sculptures were under construction (we literally saw people hard at work, hammering away). But we did get to see a few things, like the above tree made of steel and vinyl. (I have to admit it made me look twice.)

These plaster constructions look like snow angels in reverse. There were quite a few of them laying in the grass.

Looking up into a giant cubic sculpture.

A view of a building from the park. Not sure if it's still an office furniture warehouse but I like the signs.

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