Monday, March 30, 2009

Day trip to Beacon

This past Saturday Dave and I took a drive out to Beacon, New York, about 30 miles west of us. There was a gallery talk scheduled on Robert Smithson at Dia Beacon, which prompted the trip, and the (finally) lovely weather promised a nice afternoon walking around town.

While the art contained within is a bit more interesting, the grounds outside are quite nice as well, and invite visitors to hang around a bit on days like this.

The oxidized metal used here reminds me of the colossal Richard Serra sculptures found inside the museum.

Dave admires the scenery.

I love the latticework sidewalks...

...especially where the grass grows out of them.

After we left the museum we enjoyed an amazing lunch at Poppy's Burgers and Fries--homemade veggie burgers and sweet potato chips. The yellow chairs were nice too.

After lunch we took a leisurely stroll down Main Street. It's an interesting mix of arty/hipster (most likely a result of Dia's moving in six years ago), yuppie, white trash, and ghetto, with gorgeous 19th-century brick buildings (some of them boarded up and crumbling).

The sandwich board sign outside of Open Space Beacon, a small gallery that tends to curate interesting shows. There's a particularly good exhibit going on right now.

About a year ago Open Space organized an event in which various artists created work to be installed in the windows of this former electric blanket factory (hence the name of the piece, Electric Windows).

As I've mentioned a few times already, in addition to galleries, cool shops (though, sadly, I noticed a few more empty storefronts since my last visit), and great restaurants, the town features many boarded up buildings and unused railroad tracks, overgrown trees, etc.

I find this aesthetic quite appealing. There's something wondrous about it, this sense of nature clashing with industry (something Robert Smithson was interested in, as I learned that afternoon).

I'd love to live in a town like Beacon--there's a lot of history there, and so many little streets and corners to explore. It'd also be nice to be able to walk up the street to get a good cup of coffee.

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