Saturday, March 21, 2009

Driveway terrariums

Now that it's already spring I decided I had to finally realize my terrarium goals, so I headed out to a local gardening supply store. They were very nice, but told me they didn't really have the right kind of plants to put in a terrarium. I was a little discouraged until I got back home and took a closer look at my driveway, noticing all the moss growing around the edges. Apparently I had everything I needed to make a terrarium all along (although it was probably a little too cold to dig it all up until now, so I still have an excuse). I selected a few pebbles from the driveway, opened up a packet of activated charcoal (which I already had among my fish tank supplies), scooped up some dirt and a layer of moss and...

I'd been saving these mason jars just for the occasion. In hindsight I think I might like to spraypaint the lids (sorry Mrs. Renfro). I added a couple of little pine cones to the one on the right, really just because they're cute.

I'm still debating as to whether I want to buy some cute little woodland creatures to decorate it, or just leave it simple. I'm actually leaning toward the latter.

Here they are in my windowsill (supposedly it's okay to give moss lots of light if they're indoors--time will tell me if that's true).

Now I want to make more. It's so easy to do it that I'm feeling a little addiction coming on. Maybe I'll wait and see how these hold up. If they work out well I might try to step it up a little bit next time with some more unique glass containers, a wider variety of plants, etc.

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