Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting organized

A couple weeks ago, I saw this door organizer on Design*Sponge (I am going to refrain from using the horrible portmanteau "doorganizer" someone came up with in the comments section) and immediately thought of how Dave likes to empty the contents of his pockets every night and leave them on the dresser next to our fish tank:

Not a terrible spot, but it looks pretty cluttered. Thus, the door organizer seemed like a good solution, though I decided not to follow the tutorial exactly.

I had extra fabric from some pillows I made a long time ago, which seemed sturdy enough for the job.

I cut two equal sized pieces and sewed them together with the right sides facing to create a double-sided rectangle of fabric.

Next I used the jar of Mod Podge as a guide to cut out the circle to fit over the doorknob.

I then hand sewed the edges of the circle with some extra yarn I had.

Next came the white felt pockets. They were a little plain so I decided to cut out some random shapes from the patterned fabric as decoration.

It kind of looks like a weirdly cute monster.

The finished product in action. It originally sagged a little and lost its shape from all the weight in the pockets, so I cut down a dowel rod to fit across the top and sewed it inside, doing the same right above the bottom pocket, which had the desired effect.

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