Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kid stuff.

The other day Design*Sponge posted these great creations from Les Zigouis. Note that they're described as clothing, toys, and decorations for children. But, other than the clothes, which would clearly not fit me, it's all stuff that I'd buy for myself. And I've been noticing that a lot lately when looking at photos of people's homes: the kids' rooms look more like what I'd want for my whole house than the adults' territory does. (Note that these are very stylish kids' rooms decorated by stylish parents--I'm talking about children who get to sit on Eames rocking chairs! What about me?) I'd like to think that this is not because of immaturity, but simply because other people are boring (whereas I am not).

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few of the "childrens" toys and prints that I've been eyeing lately. From Les Zigouis:

Come on, now--is this bag really for kids? I can't tell how big it is but I would proudly carry this around.

I love these guys. I don't know that I'd be into wearing them on my fingers but they'd be really cute on display somewhere.

Hard to tell from the package but this is a lovely garland of paper boats to string up on your wall.

Onto MummySam. Her stuffed, embroidered objects are whimsical and awesome. The description for this house begins, "Every child needs a first cottage." So does this 27-year-old child.

How about this little lady? Supposedly her name is Marge but I see her as more of an Edna.

I'm really into this sewn story--a series of embroidered images that together tell a sad, bittersweet tale.

This cat blackboard is part of the MoMA Design Store's "Destination Seoul" series (which includes lots of other really great stuff too) and really caught my eye.

Finally, while I learned my letters long ago, I love these alphabet screenprints from Petit Collage--the colors, the type, the cute animals. That llama sitting off to the side is pretty cool too. Not to mention the building blocks.

Sycamore Street Press also has an alphabet print, and just recently they've created a companion number piece. I've entered in a giveaway to win both--tomorrow we'll see if I win them for my non-kids room!

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