Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mayans really knew how to bake

It started with the oatmeal cookies. Then I needed to use up an egg so I searched for more recipes. In the process I found even more that caught my eye, pulling me into a vicious cycle of baking and fattening up myself and those around me. (It was, however, nice to be able to for once give some homemade treats to Jess of Pictures of Cake, who every other Thursday brings in cake to our shared place of work.)

But you can't blame me for being unable to resist the allure of the Mayan chocolate cookie. The recipe calls for an insane amount of chocolate, as well as some cayenne pepper, which is what I think most intrigued me (although 1/8 tsp is not enough, despite what they'd have you believe).

Look into their eyes (sugar?) as they put you under their spell... (I have been proofreading too much mass market plot copy at work.)

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