Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Embroidery inspiration

One craft I've never done but have been meaning to try is embroidery. It seems like an art that you can really customize and take in many different and interesting directions, from the intricate tapestries of Jenny Hart to simple embellishments like this pillowcase sampler project from the Purl Bee. Lately I've come across a variety of inspiring designs that have made me want to try it even more.

For instance, these constellations from MiniatureRhino. A simple enough idea, but I love the result, and they're not what you'd typically expect to find in an embroidery hoop.

In addition to traditional vintage patterns, TreeFox sells these embroidered badges, which is an accessory I would not have previously thought of as stitchable--so many things I don't know about this craft. I kind of want to buy a lot of random letters (like this fellow is wearing).

Here is a simple but lovely specimen from Enhabiten. If I could one day do this I would be more than pleased.

I'm not totally in love with most of the designs available from Sublime Stitching, but I was highly amused by one of their latest artist series, images inspired by one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Daniel Johnston. I don't think I'll actually go out and buy the set but I love that people are out there stitching Jeremiah the Innocent and Casper the Friendly Ghost and his other host of characters.

Well, I guess I'll be off to the craft store one of these days...

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