Monday, April 6, 2009

Terrarium update

Lots of changes have taken place within the tiny worlds of my terrariums since I assembled them. For one, they are growing.

Apparently the soil I dug up contained the seeds of some clover that have sprung up remarkably fast.

This one was about to grow out of the jar. (I had to trim it--sorry, plant!)

I also decided to buy the tiny ceramic creatures from Mudpuppy. I couldn't decide which ones to get so I bought both. They came in this tiny little box--so adorable that I almost didn't want to open it.


At first I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of cluttering up the pretty terrariums with little figurines, but in the end I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I love how the owl is perched atop his little hill.

You may have noticed change #3: I spraypainted the lids a nice smoke gray.

That grass is really shooting up quickly. Pretty soon the mushrooms will be forest dwellers!

I ended up moving them away from the windowsill above the sink because they were getting too fogged up with condensation (some is good--but not too much). So I placed them in the other kitchen window (right behind where they are in this picture). I can't get over how pleased I am with the result. They look better than I could have imagined--and are even easier to create and maintain.

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  1. What a cute terrarium. They can be easy to take care of as long as you know what to look for! Check out my blog for tips!