Saturday, April 25, 2009

A well stocked kitchen

For me, this weekend has so far been all about two things: being outside and enjoying this great weather, and buying new/upgraded items for my kitchen. Yesterday I took a walk to Crate and Barrel on my lunch break with my co-worker and bought a few things, and today while strolling through the town of Katonah after checking out a Lichtenstein exhibit at the Katonah Museum of Art, we happened upon an 85-year old department store that had a great kitchen supply section.

Above is a sampling of some of the items I am most excited about. Not pictured are a new and improved muffin pan, square baking pan, grapefruit spoons (we've been eating a lot of grapefruit lately and these serrated spoons will make things much easier), and a new vegetable peeler. Not that they're not also exciting. But...

The wire rack is going to be quite useful for properly cooling various baked goods. According to the girl who worked at the department store, Chicago Bakeware is excellent. (Maybe it was the braces, but this girl looked about 14. I guess teenagers from Katonah, which is kind of a bourgie town, enjoy the finer things in life. Like comparing bakeware.)

More importantly...I didn't really need another slatted spoon, but this has to be the greatest one I have ever seen. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. And the teaspoon measurers will be quite useful for future baking projects.

We'd been buying the Costco-brand salt and pepper mills, but you can't refill them and it always seems like such a waste to throw them away. So buying this one seems much more economically and environmentally sound.

Plus, it's really fun to use--if you twist the top left you get salt, and right you get pepper. (Between this and the spoon, I could be amused all day. I'm pretty easily amused.)

Let's get another look at that spoon.

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