Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer's not so far off

This weekend was finally beginning to feel like spring (although today has been dreary, cold, and rainy--one of my co-workers actually referred to the weather as "bullshit"), and summer doesn't feel so far off. And one of my favorite things about summer is the picnic/barbecue food. Which is kind of funny since I'm vegetarian, but I love the sides--corn on the cob, potato salad, etc. Not to mention the grilled veggie burgers and veggie dogs.

Another great part of the summer picnic is the refreshing beverages. I've been enjoying this lime fizz (or so it is called by the book where I found the recipe) the past two days. It's pretty simple to make. Just boil one cup of water with one cup of sugar. Scrub and zest two limes, and add the zest to the boiling mixture. Lower the heat and simmer for two minutes. That makes your lime syrup. Once the syrup is cool, combine two tablespoons of that, two tablespoons of fresh lime juice, and a glass of cold seltzer.

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