Monday, June 22, 2009

First printing project, part 3

The next phase of this project was a bit delayed because I couldn't find any sewing needles (the craft room needed a serious cleaning, which it has received). I was finally able to proceed over the weekend, which entailed sewing various road trip routes inside the outlines of the U.S. I got the idea after my Arizona road trip, when I thought to just do the states of Nevada and Arizona. Then I thought, why not do the whole country, which opened it up to many more possibilities, of crazy imagined routes that no one in their right mind would try, to documenting road trips from literature and film.

From left to right: Salt Lake City, UT, to Fargo, ND, to Louisville, KY, to Portland, ME; Los Angeles, CA, to Detroit, MI, to Mobile, AL; New York, NY, to Austin, TX

From left to right: Butte, MT, to Chicago, IL, to Washington, DC*; New York, NY, to San Francisco, CA; Bisbee, AZ, to Tulsa, OK, to Savannah, GA

I've only actually driven one of these routes: New York to Austin (on the right here). The rest of them were chosen for either purely aesthetic value, routes I'd like to try, or literary reference. I did type all of them into Google maps in an attempt to stitch the actual route that would be taken, though all of them are rough estimates, since it's kind of difficult to tell where anything is without the outlines of states in the design. I think I did a fairly good job though.

*This is the route that T.S. Spivet traveled in The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, which I read recently. It might not be totally accurate, as I didn't check back to see how the rails traveled from Butte to Chicago, but you get the gist.

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