Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mix Tape of the Month Club

Dave has recently joined a "mix tape of the month club," wherein 12 people each exchange one tape per month for one year, so that at the end each participant will have twelve tapes from twelve different people and hopefully some new music to check out. Some may ask, why tapes in this day and age? (Sigh) They're just better.

For the first tape Dave sent out, he decided to utilize the chalkboard spraypaint I recently bought (checking to make sure the tape still played before he actually made the whole thing; it did). Now Steve can label the tape whatever he wants, as many times as he wants.

The cover was made from clippings from an old issue of ArtForum.

(This poor guy got dismembered!)

All in all, a pretty cool tape.

Now for the one that Dave received...

This has got to be the most involved packaging I have ever seen.

Not only is the art incredibly detailed, but the construction is rather elaborate.

The plastic tape case is velcroed into an oversized laminated cover.

And then there is another insert inside the plastic case.

Finally, the tape itself is painted a sickly green and brownish-beige. Wow.

I can't wait to see what comes in the mail next month.

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  1. My tape was really awesome, actually. The Disclose song on there makes me want to burn buildings.