Wednesday, June 10, 2009

House tour: kitchen

I realized I hadn't done a house tour post in awhile, so here is the kitchen.

It's another one of those rooms that we obviously don't have much control over, being that we don't own the place. I'm not such a fan of the tile, the cabinets, that peach wall color, and so on. But there are a few cool things in there nonetheless.

For instance, this silkscreened poster we bought a few years ago at the John Waters Dusk-till-Dawn marathon in Baltimore that was part of the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Road Show. There are so many great details from each of the four films in the marathon (I just hope that my mom never looks that closely at it--she might question the awesomeness of the singing asshole).

A few things on top of the fridge. Not sure where the teapot came from (my mom had it for awhile), but the pig (which is really a pitcher but the last few people who have owned it have used it as a utensil holder) has a pretty good story behind it. Allegedly, it belonged to a neighbor of my grandparents when they lived in Jersey City in the 60s. The neighbor died, and her daughter was convinced that the apartment was haunted by the ghost of her mother and refused to set foot inside. I'm not sure how this leads to my grandparents ending up with the pig, but it's a pretty good story, I think (more interesting than the stories of most kitchen items).

Map of Paris monuments in the short hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom.

Further down the hallway is this castiron bird coat rack, which I bought at a nearby antique store.

On the counter we have some knives, Stonehouse California olive oil, a little white bowl of garlic, and a wire basket of onions. The basket was the first thing I bought at the Elephant's Trunk flea market, for $1(!). It was purchased within minutes of entering the place, which definitely got me excited for more scavenging.

The window above the sink, with my new succulents, and a few empty soda bottles (the sill had previously been filled with the bottles, but I think this looks better).

There is a shelf above the sink that is perfect for displaying items, such as these salt and pepper shakers and ceramic pitchers.

More pitchers and shakers.

I've had the table and chairs for about 9 years. I kind of want to update them, but I'm still a little attached.

My new 1962 calendar tea towel hanging on the basement door. I have a habit of not actually using pretty towels for fear of ruining them with food stains (see the one hanging above the window).

A few objects on the table.

We put this bookcase in the kitchen simply because we didn't have room for it anywhere else. It contains most of Dave's books and his broken camera collection.

Now just one room left for the house tour: the craft room.

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