Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Planters: check!

After the Renegade Fair on Saturday we stopped by the nearby Sprout Home, an amazing garden supply store.

It was quite the successful trip. We picked up a pair of succulents and a little bitty cactus (it's cute, but it'll still prick you if you're not careful!), as well as two ceramic planters.

The rounded one on the left is an Echeveria and the spikier one on the right is a Haworthia.

Not sure about the cactus, as it's not labeled, but after trying to identify it online (it seems there are quite a few species of cactus!), I think I may have figured it out: gymnocalcium monvillei. Eh?

And, of course, we did not forget about a planter for the flower--this EcoForm pot and saucer does the trick quite nicely. I finally remembered to check the name of the flower, and it is a sunsatia cranberry. It seems that in full bloom it will be quite colorful.

It was such a nice day on Sunday that I decided we needed to have dinner out on the patio. These table and chairs belong to the landlord (I am so tempted to just buy some that we like, but it seems like not the best idea since we will be moving in November and may not have use for them in the next place). In addition to being kind of ugly, the table is covered in wax from when a citronella candle spilled over, so I went out and picked up a vinyl tablecloth.

Anyway, the point of that whole story is that the flower made a lovely centerpiece.

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