Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arizona driving tour, day one (part 2)

It's about a 5 or so hour drive from Las Vegas to Sedona, Arizona. Along the way, in addition to a variety of vegetation and rock formations from Ponderosa pines to desert shrubs, I saw many roadside stands selling Navajo jewelry, "really good" beef jerky, and so on. I sort of wish I had stopped at some of these little stands, at least long enough to photograph them. Among the better ones I had noted are Santa's Land Offices (after looking at this flickr set I really wish I had stopped for a minute), and Rosie's in Arizona.

We took a slight detour through a portion of Rt. 66 that runs through Williams, Arizona. One of the original U.S. highways, this much romanticized road has been made obsolete and replaced by larger interstates, but a few small pockets remain. This section is what you might expect--touristy, newly built "retro" diners, stores selling turquoise jewelry and dreamcatchers, western wear, or Rt. 66 souvenirs. There were a few great vintage signs (which is what I was hoping to find) that I photographed, the Canyon Club being my favorite.

I was a little sad that the Turquoise Tepee was closed (not for good, just because it was Sunday). I was all set to do some shopping.

For a second I thought, what a cute little gas station! And then I realized it's actually a small Rt. 66 museum and the pumps are just for show.

Package goods sure are popular around here.

A little while after leaving Williams I saw this train go by. According to the front car it was part of the Santa Fe line.

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