Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arizona driving tour, day two

Monday morning we headed up to Flagstaff for some breakfast at Miz Zips, described by some internet site I read as the "quintessential Rt. 66 roadhouse." It was a decent diner. I had scrambled eggs and hash browns. They brought out salsa for the eggs, which was a nice touch. The best part, though, was the decor. Then it was on to the Grand Canyon. The explorer in me decided it would be best if we took the trail down into the canyon. It didn't really seem that steep, and there was a resthouse about 1 1/2 miles down where we could stop to refill our water bottle and head on back up. We started to get worried when all these people who seemed to know what they were doing were heading back up the trail really out of breath. But we figured we were almost there, until a woman walked past us and said, "So it's less than a mile to the top?" That seemed like a good indication that we had better turn back. We pretty soon regretted coming that far down, as we are not exactly in shape. Many stops were required to catch our breaths. Later on after dinner we took a walk around the rim (on flat land) and stopped at the first of several scenic overlooks. Here's the trail we walked down. We stopped at the lower right corner. You can't really see it but the resthouse where we had initially planned to stop is right where the path starts to get red. I'm kind of glad we stopped right before those crazy zig zags. And the trail just keeps on going. I don't know how people do it! Maybe one day I'll be in a position to actually get down in there and explore, but I doubt it. There were many of these creepy twisting trees, and I could not help but photograph most of them. There's the Colorado River off in the distance.

Supposedly the white crests are actually rapids that go 15 feet high.

I like the way the shadows cast across the rocks.

Some more scenic photos...

It all kind of starts looking the same after awhile though.

A lovely sunset.

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