Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arizona driving tour, day seven (part two)

For our second night in Las Vegas (and the final night of our trip) we stayed downtown at the Golden Gate, the oldest hotel in Las Vegas.

It definitely has the coolest sign. The orange letters actually move back and forth.

While they have been updated, the rooms still maintain a lot of the original details--for instance, this awesome bathroom. Love the tile!

The furnishings are also pretty chic.

We took a short walk along Fremont Street in search of food. Sadly, we did not find any of that though we did see a lot of neon.

If time permitted I would have liked to have visited the Neon Boneyard, but we were not in town at noon or 2pm for a tour. They do have a few restored signs out on Fremont Street, such as this guy, originally installed in 1967 at the Hacienda Hotel, formerly located at 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South (now the site of Mandalay Bay).

We eventually gave up on finding some decent food and went with Plan B, which was to eat at the Bay City Diner, the restaurant inside our hotel. After confusing the waitress with our requests for veggie burgers with toppings ("You can't do that! The veggie burger doesn't come with cheese!"), we ended up with a halfway decent meal and a slice of carrot cake to go. By the way, those pies are not glued to the wall--it's just their reflection. The Golden Gate people are pretty clever.

Day eight of our trip was spent in various airports around the country. And so concludes the slide show. Hope I haven't bored anyone too much, but I definitely had fun exploring.

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