Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dovetail ceramics

For this past Christmas Dave gave me this vase from Dovetail. I believe this proves his excellent taste, as I hadn't even asked for it--he just found it on his own.
Anyway, not long ago we each managed to break several plates and bowls, so that we are in the market for some new ones. I've been trying to find the perfect one (since I not often have the opportunity to buy a plate for non-gratuitous reasons) and I think I have found it.
I present specimen A, Dovetail's neighborhood plate. A little pricey, maybe (especially if I'm buying a set), but worth it, I think (I better not break these!).
I also really like their square mugs with brownstone illustration, although we have no shortage of mugs and cups--maybe just one? We'll see.

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