Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grandma crafts

Lately I've been experimenting a bit with using paper doilies as stencils. I haven't exactly perfected the art yet but I've been pleased with the preliminary results and thought I'd share.

I'm pretty excited about this (although not as much about the unflattering picture). That's not white ink, it's bleach. I tested out an old black T-shirt, painting bleach over the doily with a cheap paint brush.

It's a little sloppy (I have to make sure all of the holes are punched out of the doily before starting) but it worked better than expected.

I also tried out printing with fabric ink, and the resulting image is a bit crisper than the bleach, though it could still use a bit of perfecting. In the future I'll cut out a circle slightly larger than the doily so the edges are nice and clean.

I went ahead and cut out a long rectangle of gray T-shirt fabric to make a lightweight spring scarf, and tried different things as I went along--cutting shapes out of the doily, only printing part of the doily, etc.

Looks pretty good, I think. (Yes, I'm all doilied out, in my scarf and T-shirt.)

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  1. Oh, I think that is such a pretty idea, they turned out very nice!