Monday, May 18, 2009

Arizona driving tour, day one

This is actually my second day of vacation, but it's the first day in Arizona and I almost don't want to count yesterday. I landed in Las Vegas over an hour late due to a storm, had some okay Thai food (a little greasy), went to some crappy record stores in ugly strip malls (it seems that that's all Las Vegas is: casinos and strip malls), and waited almost an hour to check into my hotel, only to find out that the pool (which I had been looking forward to swimming in) closed at 5 (which seems absurd). I had also been planning on taking a walk on the strip at night just to take in the spectacle, but was so exhausted that I went to sleep around 9:30.

Thankfully, I got out of that place first thing this morning and headed out to Sedona. I hadn't realized that the trip would take me right across the Hoover Dam. Here we are coming up on it in the distance.

I took a few photos from the car before deciding to stop and walk around for a few minutes. The reflections through the window have kind of a cool double exposure effect.

And by the way, what about this crazy bridge they're building? It's pretty interesting to see it mid-construction--you usually don't see a bridge that doesn't quite meet all the way across.

Do NOT climb on the wall.

I took this picture inside the ladies restroom. I like the gold doors.

There's another identical clock a little further down labeled "Nevada time", which momentarily freaked me out because I thought that meant that Arizona was on a different time zone than Nevada and that I had inadvertently lost an hour of my day. *

*Further research tells me that Arizona is indeed on Mountain Standard Time, but because they do not observe Daylight Savings Time, they are essentially on Pacific Time from March to November. Too confusing.

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