Monday, May 11, 2009

Cubicle tour

A brief tour of the more interesting parts of my cubicle at work.

I've got a little gallery going, which is much nicer to look at than blank bulletin board, or worse, catalog schedules and other work-related ephemera. My to-do list is only partly showing--it's actually a legal pad and is completely full. It's been a busy week!

The giant Barack Obama button was found on a take shelf (there are shelves throughout the building where people leave books and other crap they don't want--every so often there is something good but not usually). I'm sure the button was a promotional item for this book. And "Vote Reed" was part of a group Halloween costume from a couple years ago (I no longer work directly with Ms. Reed but she is still in the building, which is fortunate because she brings in delicious cake every other week).

More postcards from the likes of R. Crumb, Jean Seberg, and a weird map (okay, that's not a postcard, it's something I cut out of ArtForum).

These little softies have all been on TV--Martha Stewart once pretended to put the toast and jam in her mouth. It's true! The proof is in this video (at about 1:20).

These old paperbacks are some of the more interesting things I have found on the take shelves. The penguin was a souvenir my mom brought back from somewhere or another , and this seemed the most appropriate place for him.

Here's my inbox, which for once is empty (though that doesn't mean I'm not overwhelmingly busy--I repeat, the legal pad is full!). The label is a photo by one of my favorites.

And there you have it, the place where I spend about eight hours a day.

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